Three Tiered Baby Shower Diaper CakeI’m a full-time worker bee and a hard-working momma who just doesn’t seem to have enough time to shop. So I get my fix with online shopping! I like to cloth my boy in cute outfits – he dresses way better then I do (jeans and tee-shirts anyone?)

My current passion, besides my husband Michael and my two year old son Morgan, is baby showers.  Now, you may think that is odd, but I have a lot of family and friends who have been and are busy making babies.  The purpose of a baby shower is to celebrate and welcome a new baby and to help the expectant parents.   To me, it is a joyous occasion and I get to be creative and shop too!

I thought of La Di Da Baby after making my first baby shower diaper cake for my sister-in-law Kirsten’s baby shower.  It looked fabulous, was fun to make and I received a ton of compliments and wow’s.  Best of all, Kirsten got to use all of the diapers that made up the cake, so it was an extremely practical gift too.

Three Tiered Baby Shower Diaper Cake